Organisation chart


LS has a professional staff of 12 well skilled, educated and experienced professionals, able to deal with all aspects of shipping (chartering, technical, crewing, vetting, contractual/legal, inspection, administration, accounting etc.).
It is company policy to (keep) invest (-ing) in training and thereto obtain better performance.

All vettings are prepared and performed in the presence of the LS Fleet Manager or the Quality and Safety Manager.
All LS vessels are inspected and audited on a regular basis. On board training regarding company policy and procedures is provided.


All LS vessels (since the beginning) sail with almost 100 % Romanian crews excluding the possibility of communication errors.
Romania has a very well organised maritime education system, mainly based in Constanta.
The crew member’s experience more than complies with the industry applicable matrixes. A lot of them “grew through the ranks” and became Master.
As is the case with office personnel, it is the companies policy to invest in training.

Our vessels are manned by our exclusive manning agency Triton company S.R.L who act as crew manager of our vessels with primary task to man the vessels with capable and professional Romanian officers and crew. The “Triton-Team” ensures that crew is familiarised with their roles and responsibilities, competent for their work and capable of working in teams on board. Triton Company S.R.L. is ISO 9001 certified and maintains a logic filing system.

Quality & Safety